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Supply Chain Solutions

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Demand Sensing

E2open’s Demand Sensing intelligent application suite increases the accuracy of demand predictions. Accuracy improvements result in customer service, lower costs and  increased market share. Find out more

Supply Management Intelligent Application Suite

Create a more stable, collaborative and profitable supply network – monitors supplier realities and enhance  the efficiency and agility of your supply chain. Find out more

Sales and Operations Planning

We can help you master the future. We are the experts in process redesign that is necessary to develop a vibrant S&OP culture. Sales and Operational Planning (S&OP) done well transforms a business. Find out more

Future Proofing Your Supply Chain

Farthing West are seasoned professionals when it comes to supply chain consulting. We understand supply chain optimisation requires tailored solutions that address your businesses unique set of problems and your customer’s needs. Find out more

Productivity Enhancement

If you are after business process improvement you are in safe hands. Designing brilliant processes is our business! And brilliant processes are the secret to delivering real and sustainable productivity improvement. Find out more