Productivity Enhancement

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If you are after business process improvement you are in safe hands. Designing brilliant processes is our business! And brilliant processes are the secret to delivering real and sustainable productivity improvement.

For over 20 years, Farthing West has demonstrated the skills necessary in delivering step change improvement across diverse industries and supply chains, including FMCG’s, mining, logistics, heavy industry, government and fast food. We achieve superior results because we focus on people and process and then tailor tools that are optimised to provide outstanding results.

We are change agents who understand the processes and techniques of Lean and Six Sigma (LSS) and can translate the concepts diverse business from Fast food to mining and manufactureing.

We know how to plan. Indeed we have deep expertise in demand planning and the TPS (Toyota Production System) planning methodology of Heijunka or level and sequenced planning.

We know how to create standard work that is practical and builds workers into problem solvers. We know how to implement 5S, Visual Management, JIT and importantly we know how to make the resultant productivity enhancement sustainable.

We are mentors who can teach your employees to see waste. Be it the waste of waiting, overproduction, repairs or defects, poor worker kinetics, over processing, inventory transport and the waste of not harnessing the creative brainpower of employees.

We know about JIT production and auditing and how to develop teamwork.

Delivering step changes in productivity is what we do for a living. And, we are prepared to back our ability to achieve outstanding result. We are prepared to work on a risk reward basis.

Is your business in need for a step change in performance? Talk to us.