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We design, deliver and optimise systems and processes that make your business wealthier.

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  1. Outstanding Outcomes

    This is a unique offering - Farthing West is prepared to enter into a risk-reward arrangement whereby our fees are contingent on agreed performance measures over a defined scope and timeframe.

  2. Lasting solutions

    Our emphasis is future proofing the implementation, solutions that facilitate further incremental gains to the bottom line. We collaborate, develop and coach all stakeholders accountable for the success of the execution.

  3. Experienced

    Every Farthing West consultants are veteran business process transformers from a wide array of industry and commerce and have had held executive senior management positions with a solid track record of excelling in their field.

  4. Lateral Thinkers

    Whether solving problems or identifying opportunities. Farthing West subscribes to a systematic process of assessment that constructively challenges the status quo. Our approach is deliberate, a unique methodology that results in innovative outcomes.

Fast Food

At the fast food giant KFC, Farthing West has recently demonstrated how the power of Lean Six Sigma can significantly improve in-store performance.

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At Rio Tinto's Kestrel Mine, one of Australia's top producing coal mines, Farthing West lifted productivity by 40% resulting in incremental cost reduction.

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Are you tired of old and ineffective processes in your business?

If you feel like you're stuck, it's time to talk with the expert. GREG WEST is the Founder and Managing Director of Farthing West. He is a visionary, a skilled problem solver and a designer of agile, fit for purpose systems. He has delivered step change improvement in many of Australia’s largest organisations and is passionate about delivering value and results that are sustainable into the future.

AI and ML Fundamentals You Need To Know Right Now

 by Greg West, Farthing West Chief Brilliance Officer Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence (AI) are terms that are increasingly being used in business and in the mainstream media. But how much do you really know about these concepts? More importantly, do you know how they are being applied across supply chains to provide


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